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  • BASIC 2000 Brenderup Braked Boat Trailer GVW 2000kg

    24200TB Brenderup Braked Boat Trailer GVW 2000kg (BASIC 2000)

    Technical data
    • Loading weight: 1470 kg
    • Min Total weight: 2000 kg
    • Max Total weight: 2000 kg
    • Condition: New product
    Data sheet

    Twin axles trailer for a boat up to 24" long. Equipped with V- drawbar and has good drivability. Highest quality rollers, which reduce risk of damage. Hot-dip galvanized chassis for durability and corrosions-free. Electrics are hiding and secure inside of the chassis. Waterproof bearings ensure long service life. Fully covered winch and winch bracket are easy to adjust, to adapt for the boat. Winch bracket is also eqquiped with additional secure wire to use while the boat is on the trailer. Easy removing of the rear lighting beam makes easy loading and unloading the boat. Illustrations may include optional equipment.

    Standard equipment

     Two-axle braked
     Overrun device
     Side rollers 2 x 2pcs
    Side rollers 2 x 4pcs
     Keel rollers  4pcs
     Removable rear beam
     Hot- dip galvanized frame
     Waterproof bearings
     Tires 155Rx13C
     Max boat length: 7m

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    Price tax incl. 8 129,27 zł Price tax excl. 8 129,27 zł

    Products accessories

    Protection for the hitch (coopler), key with insert
    16,26 zł
    Adapter, reduction 13/7
    16,26 zł
    Adapter, reduction 7/13
    16,26 zł
    Lashing Strap 4m, belt 4 meter long set
    26,02 zł
    Lashing Strap 5m, belt 5 meter long set
    27,64 zł
    Lashing Strap 6m, belt 6 meter long set
    29,27 zł
    Lashing Strap 3m, belt 3 meter long set
    24,39 zł
    Emergency triangle
    16,26 zł



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