Door-to-door delivery

Transport is carried out by our own transport or by an external transport company. 

Delivery time depends on model availability. Delivery dates are estimates, unless a fixed date for the transactions has been expressly agreed in writing.

Upon delivery of the trailer you will receive an invoice, EC Certificate of conformity,  (if paying in cash) confirmation of payment.

It is possible to send photos of the trailer before delivery.

We always want to provide our customers with high quality products and professional customer service. In addition, we can prepare your vehicle for the technical examination to obtain a TEMPO 100 certificate for your trailer.


Payment on delivery

Our drivers only accept payment in cash, the driver will issue a cash payment receipt.


Delivery Obstacles

In cases of force majeure and other unforeseeable, extraordinary circumstances for which we are not responsible, for example operational troubles and interruptions due to fire, water, or similar events, failures of production facilities and machines, late delivery, or delivery shortfalls on the part of our suppliers, and interruptions in operation due to a shortage in raw materials, energy or labour, strike, lockout, difficulties in the procurement of transportation means, disruptions or obstructions in traffic, or official intervention, we are – to the extent that the named circumstances prevent us from a timely performance of our obligations -  entitled to postpone the performance of the delivery and/or service for the term of the obstruction plus a reasonable start-up time.


In the case that the Orderer is in default with calling, accepting, or collecting the goods or services, or if the Orderer is responsible for a delay of the shipment or the service of the goods, we are entitled without prejudice to any other claims, to demand payment of a flat-rate in the amount of the usual customary parking fees



Returns of goods delivered by us that are free of defects are excluded. If, in exceptional cases, we agree with the return of a fault-free item,  the cost of return is paid by the buyer.


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